Is it the red pill or the blue pill. You decide.

You have a choice in your M&A practices to enhance deal success. You can choose the red pill and continue to do things as you are and hope your deal will achieve stated objectives after integration. Or, your company can take the blue pill and learn how a specific concentration on acquirer and target leadership capabilities in every deal positions you for increased firm performance and market valuation.

Potentious offers the blue pill.

We enhance clients’ long-term profitability and growth by providing a unique, holistic view of leadership capabilities

We accomplish this through data analysis that for the first time quantified the link between leadership and positive financial performance in M&As, which led to the creation of M&A leadership success profiles.

By comparing clients’ leadership pictures to these profiles we allow for better informed decisions in M&As and other organizational change events by effectively taking advantage of leadership strengths and addressing challenges

Read more about our groundbreaking research in Harvard Business Review—”The Leaders That Make M&A Work.”