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Potentious is a boutique M&A consulting firm specializing in the identification of the leadership capabilities in companies that lead to successful M&As. Recognized for its deep domain knowledge and expertise, Potentious provides something other M&A consultancies can’t – Very specific and targeted insights on what leadership skills matter in successful M&As.  Potentious is led by Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, founder and CEO, a recognized thought leader in M&A leadership, talent management and human resources.

Leveraging his groundbreaking research on the role of leadership in successful M&As, Dr. Dunbar’s unique methodology transforms M&A due diligence and integration by providing a means to leverage the M&A leadership strengths that your deal has to meet stated objectives.

Know Which Key Leadership Capabilities Are M&A Success Factors

The complexity of M&A deals poses a significant challenge for companies seeking growth. Research indicates that 70% of mergers fail to meet stated objectives and ultimately destroy shareholder value.  What stops companies from reaching higher success rates? Our work shows a lack of knowledge about the human factors — especially the role of leadership limits the potential to gain from M&A strategies.

Collective Leadership Capability in M&A

Individual leaders play a significant role, as well as your collective leadership capability, in the financial outcome of M&As.  But the precise leadership capabilities that drive successful mergers have historically been ignored and definitely not quantified, until now. Our research has identified a set of core leadership areas for acquirers and targets companies that mitigate the risk and reliably guide decisions about M&A activity for results that successfully meet stated objectives.

Our expertise comes from rigorous research to answer the question: Are there key leadership skills or capabilities that impact successful growth through M&A, and if so, what are they? 

Skills That Matter to the Positive Outcome of Mergers

These predictive acquirer and target M&A leadership skills were identified for the following instances:

  • Gender
  • Geographic Region: Asia, Europe, and North America
  • Specific Countries: Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and United States
  • Managerial Level: Top Management (C-Suite), Executive Management, Middle Management, and Front-Line Supervisor
  • Corporate Function: Finance, IT, HR, Operations, Engineering, R&D, and Sales/Marketing
  • Industry Sector: Aerospace, Business & Professional Service, Finance, Healthcare/Pharma, Manufacturing, and Technology-Media-Telecomm (TMT)
  • Cross-Border

What This Means For You

Knowing your M&A leadership capability pays in M&As. The mission of Potentious is to enhance your due diligence and integration processes. We work with you to assess the M&A leadership capabilities in both acquiring and target companies, allowing you to make better informed decisions based on your knowledge of acquiring and target companies M&A success and risk factors.

Are You Ready to Leverage Your Firm’s Leadership For M&A Success?

Most people don’t know the answer to that question. You can take our M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic and see how you score.

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