Signs of Economic Heating…A New Talent War Looming?

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This week there were new signs that the economy is moving in the right direction. Great news for individuals, companies and the nation. Those signs included a rise in the short-term interest rate by the Fed, durable good orders showed an increase over the last reporting period and consumer prices continue to be flat. These… Read more »

The Future of Analytics in Defining Capabilities

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This past week, SuccessFactors, a business execution software company, acquired Inform, a leader in HR, Talent Analytics, and Workforce Planning. In the same week, Accenture released a report ( based upon a survey of senior managers at blue chip organizations that stated: “Weak analytics capabilities – ranging from siloed data, outdated technology and lack of… Read more »

Chief Learning Officer and the Chief Talent Officer – Natural Evolution or the End

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I got to participate in a virtual meeting this week with two people from a leading executive recruiting firm. They shared their perspective on what firms were looking for in relation to Chief Learning Officer positions. While there were a number of interesting insights and perspectives about CLOs based upon their recruiting experience. The one… Read more »

Business Success – Structure or Capability?

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In the book “Organization of the Future 2” (Edited by well known leadership developers Frances Hesselbein and Marshall Goldsmith), a chapter authored by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood discusses whether organizations are about structure or capabilities. The authors claim that companies like GE, Disney, Google, and Apple are known for their capabilities and not their… Read more »

Agility and Adaptablility…

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Organizations are under constant pressure to succeed in a global business environment that is fraught with uncertainty, complexity and dynamic change. Companies that are successful in this environment are able to do so because of developing strategic human capital capabilities that create agility and adaptability in the workforce. In IBM’s 2008 survey of senior HR… Read more »

Great Leaders First…

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With 2010 now here and a new decade of opportunity ahead of us… wanted to reflect on an event in 2009 and lessons we can learn to prepare us for the new decade… While at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2009, I sat in an early Sunday session led by Nigel Paine (Former British Broadcasting Corporation CLO)… Read more »

2010 – Year of Opportunity for Strategic Human Capital Development Consultants

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2010 is here! A new year with new opportunities for the development of strategic human capital capabilities that enable business success. For Human Capital Development (HCD) consultants to be successful in 2010, it will require a different approach than what presented itself during the current economic crisis that started in 2008. During the economic crisis,… Read more »