Achieving Mergers and Acquisitions Synergies Require Leadership

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Deal Synergies

Any M&A has a list of stated objectives that include achieving some sets of synergies.  These synergies will include things typically around operational, supply chain, and manufacturing operations.  A 2014 Bain & Company report, Why Some Merging Companies Become Synergy Overachievers, stated it pretty clearly… “The open secret about M&A is that most deals fail… Read more »

Cass Research Indicates Leadership Priority in Mergers and Acquisitons

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Right Acquisition Based on Leadership Capability

Keys to Successful Dealmaking That is what a group of senior executives indicated in research from the Cass Business School’s M&A Research Centre in 2014.  In a report titled Successful Dealmaking, MARC’s research on this topic came from two areas.  First, a review of 70 large UK and US acquisitions between 2007-2011 and second, a survey… Read more »

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Potentious Founder/CEO to Moderate, Present at Conference Board HR M&A Lab on May 11 in New York City

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        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact Michelle R. Snyder 703.939.1821   Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Potentious Founder/CEO to Moderate, Present at Conference Board HR M&A Lab on May 11 in New York City McLean, Va., May 5, 2015—Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, founder and chief executive officer of Potentious, a boutique merger… Read more »

Innovation Key Leadership Capability in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Why Innovation is Important in Mergers & Acquisitions One of the main reasons that acquirers go after particular companies are for the innovative capabilities that these companies can bring to acquirers.  The types of capabilities that can drive continued and/or new growth. The concept of acquiring innovative capabilities is not lost during this recent M&A… Read more »

The Leadership Factor in Successful Integrations

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People Integration

Deloitte’s 2015 M&A Integration Report was again a wealth of insights.   From November 15 to December 18, 2014, a Deloitte survey polled 803 executives at U.S. companies that had either engaged in a merger or acquisition over the preceding 24 months or were planning one in the next 12 months.  In the survey, a key question… Read more »

HR in Early has Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions Success

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Cass Business School’s M&A Research Centre released some interesting research in 2014 titled “Successful Dealmaking.”  Some highlights are caught in this article by HR Magazine “Define ‘Culture’ to avoid failure, warn M&A experts.”  The below video is a panel discussion that captures the research as well as insights from panel members. Some Key Observations 1…. Read more »

Mergers and Acquisitions Leadership Assessment – Two Complimentary Models

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M&A leadership deal fails

The Purpose of Mergers & Acquisitions Leadership Assessment You know the numbers…70% (This number is generous in some respects) of M&As fail to meet stated objectives and of those 50% destroy shareholder value. While some people might consider these scare tactics, the reality is that M&As are very risky endeavors fraught with volatility, uncertainty, complexity… Read more »