Cookie-Cutter Leadership Development…The Big F…

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Recently Deloitte published its Human Capital Trends 2013 report. In the report there are a number of interesting pieces, which I highly recommend you look at, but I was driven to one in particular titled “Leadership.Next: Debunking the superhero myth.” This informative piece discusses what has historically been the focus of leadership development programs…building the… Read more »

The Constant Tension…

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If you are like most people in the learning and talent management space…you may have experienced this situation. You are in an organization with a Corporate (Corp) learning and talent management group, probably responsible for cross-corporate initiatives and a number of Business Unit (BU) learning and talent management groups, probably responsible for being responsive to… Read more »

Creating the Agile Organization…

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Two recent articles piqued my curiosity this past week. One was UNC Keenan-Flagler’s ideas@work webizine Volume 5 and one article in particular titled “Developing Leaders in a VUCA Environment.” The second was a research report from Saba titled “Carpe Diem: Seizing the Opportunity to Build an Agile Organization.” The UNC Keenan-Flagler piece discussed research from… Read more »

The Long Journey to be a Doctor

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I wanted to say thanks to everyone that has continued to come here and read this blog based on my interest in expanding knowledge of human capital and talent management by giving people different perspectives to look at regarding these topics. It is the proverbial labor of love as they say. Over the last nearly… Read more »

Business Case for Investment in Talent Development

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Greetings, If you are in learning & talent development, you may still be dealing with reduced budgets and a perspective in your organization that “just-in-time” hiring will be the answer to what needs to happen to support the business strategy. However, there is a body of academic research that would call that approach into question…So… Read more »

Same Old Song and Dance…

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Greetings, I continue to be amazed at some of the conversations that learning & talent professionals have about outcomes related to the solutions they put in place. It apparently was a topic of interest again at the Spring CLO Symposium held by CLO Magazine based upon this blog post from David Vance. Vance, the former… Read more »

Maximizing Returns on Leadership…Competencies That Drive Growth

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Greetings, Many of us are looking for the magic answer to propelling our organization’s business strategy. While we all recognize the importance of leadership and talent to that endeavor, we sometimes struggle to identify what we need to do to execute business strategy. Research by the Corporate Leadership Council titled “Improving Returns on Leadership Investments”… Read more »

Leadership Paradigm Shift Approaching…Rise of Collective Development

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Greetings, In last week’s blog post…Leadership Development…What is New is Really Old…I discussed where much of leadership development best practices we are familiar with today really started between World War I and II. While in many respects these leadership development practices are are still highly relevant…we may need to shift the paradigm on what kind… Read more »