Leadership Development – What’s New is Really Old…

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Greetings, Leadership development is important…in fact…vital to our organizations ability to be successful. For those reasons we spend a lot of resources in money (Upwards of $10B annually), people and time in developing the current and future generations of leaders to fuel business strategies. If you have been involved in leadership development either as the… Read more »

Global CEO Studies…A Broken Record

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Greetings, At the Davos World Economic Forum, PricewaterhouseCoopers unveiled the findings from their 2012 Global CEO Study. I really like to look through these kinds of studies to get a sense of what CEOs and other C-Suite leaders are thinking. I am always particularly interested in what they see as talent and leadership challenges or… Read more »

Integrated Leadership Development – Potential Answer to the Importance-Effectiveness Gap

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Greetings, I have written a couple of times about the gap between the importance of leadership development activities and the effectiveness of organization’s efforts. Typically a pretty large gap exists…many understand its importance, but have a really hard time with determining their effectiveness at doing it. Research from Dr. David Weiss and Dr. Vince Molinaro,… Read more »

Big Data = Big Talent Needs

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Greetings, A recent McKinsey article drew my attention. Titled “Are You Ready for the Era of “Big Data”?, it details a current environment where people can mine and leverage data to develop new business models and become more agile and adaptable to evolving business conditions. This story at the front of the article resonates this… Read more »

Being a Leader or a SuperDoer…

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Greetings, A couple of weeks a go, my new leader (only of about 6 months, but have worked together since 2005) made an interesting observation about our leadership culture. He said “Are we creating leaders or SuperDoers…because it looks like SuperDoers…” I thought this was an incredibly powerful statement that has really caused me to… Read more »

Looking for the Right Leaders for Growth

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Greetings, It is great to be back after a hiatus getting through the Summer activities, work and my Doctorate program at UPenn. Let’s get down to business. In July, our friends at McKinsey completed and posted a study titled “Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies?” In this study, McKinsey looked at… Read more »

Creating Talent Champions…

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Greetings, I had a very interesting conversation this past week with a Senior Vice President of Talent at a Fortune 500 company. The intent of the conversation was to get a good understanding of how their organization developed talent and integrated it into the overall strategy of the organization. We focused on leadership development specifically… Read more »

Leadership Development in a Funk…

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DDI recently released their Global Leadership Forecast 2011 – Time for a Leadership Revolution. The good news is that the study points to the continued importance of leadership in organizations and on a global scale. Leadership is recognized as driving employee engagement, organizational performance, and creativity and innovation. “Today‚Äôs leaders make decisions in an increasingly… Read more »