Talent gap impacts private equity

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Middle Market Talent Gap Impacts Private Equity New research from the National Center for the Middle Market on the talent gap within the middle market paints a gloomy picture for growth. The research indicates that for a variety of reasons, middle market firms (defined as those firms with annual revenue between $10 million and $1 billion) are challenged… Read more »

M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

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M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic Potentious believes that for you to understand and leverage the M&A leadership insights we provide, you need a means to self-assess yourself to determine where you have strengths and gaps. This is why we want to provide you this short 10 question M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic. This diagnostic will provide you… Read more »

Leadership Fcatory

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Effective Leadership and Employee Engagement in Deal Success Employee engagement is a hot topic these days. Consulting firms and think tank groups alike are trying to provide new insights on the topic. Just from experience and like many of you, I have seen the effects of poor employee engagement on companies’ ability to grow and… Read more »

Leadership Gap Effect

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Private Equity Dry Powder As we entered 2017, I noticed some important data insights from Pitchbook. Dry powder (capital available for investments by private equity (PE) and venture capitalist (VC) firms) was at record levels. A total of over $754B in 2016 was available for PE/VC investments. In my conversations with PE leaders, the challenge to… Read more »

Deal risk factors

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Finance executives shared their perspective recently in a joint research survey between the Financial Executives Research Foundation and Crowe Horwath LLP titled “Navigating the Risks of the Contemporary M&A Market.” In the survey research, financial executives shared their top 15 M&A deal risk factors. You can see the full list below. As you look at… Read more »

Why leadership matters

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Alphabet Has a Problem Alphabet’s acquisition of Nest is faltering as evidenced by Nests’ own purchase of Dropcam. The story behind both of these deals points to why leadership matters in successful M&As, and how quickly “bad” ones can destroy shareholder value. Alphabet–Google Acquires Nest Alphabet (then known as Google) closed on the Nest deal on Feb. 7,… Read more »