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Deloitte’s 2015 M&A Integration Report was again a wealth of insights.   From November 15 to December 18, 2014, a Deloitte survey polled 803 executives at U.S. companies that had either engaged in a merger or acquisition over the preceding 24 months or were planning one in the next 12 months.  In the survey, a key question… Read more »

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Cass Business School’s M&A Research Centre released some interesting research in 2014 titled “Successful Dealmaking.”  Some highlights are caught in this article by HR Magazine “Define ‘Culture’ to avoid failure, warn M&A experts.”  The below video is a panel discussion that captures the research as well as insights from panel members. Some Key Observations 1…. Read more »

M&A leadership deal fails

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The Purpose of Mergers & Acquisitions Leadership Assessment You know the numbers…70% (This number is generous in some respects) of M&As fail to meet stated objectives and of those 50% destroy shareholder value. While some people might consider these scare tactics, the reality is that M&As are very risky endeavors fraught with volatility, uncertainty, complexity… Read more »

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Culture or Leadership? – That is the Question As a practitioner and researcher in the M&A space, I have read just about every piece of academic research and consulting firm perspective on M&As.  One area that gets significant focus, and for obvious reasons, is the role of culture in successful and less successful M&As.  Whether… Read more »

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Importance of Leadership in M&As Recognized by Middle Market Advisors I was honored today to receive the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors’ prestigious 2014 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year award for my doctoral research that quantified the impact of collective leadership capability in M&A success (or failure). I am passionate about my… Read more »

sales integration epic fail

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Why Integrity and Trust is so Important Thomson Reuters recently published their 2014 Merger & Acquisition Review.  As many of you know, it was a huge year for M&As with over 40,400 global deals announced totaling nearly $3.5 trillion (USD) in value.  It was a resurgent year.  While this is great news for M&A consultancies… Read more »

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A Lack of Focus on Customers = M&A Failure I have been reading Timothy Galpin’s and Mark Herndon’s book, The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Process Tools to Support M&A Integration at Every Level, and I have to say it has been eye opening.  It is obviously a well written book, as well as… Read more »