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Greetings… Today is a big day!  Today is the day that I change how leadership is discussed, managed and leveraged for successful M&As.  Why? Buckminster Fuller stated it the best: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” So that is what I do today… Read more »

M&A leadership deal fails

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Talking About Leadership in Mergers & Acquisitions So you might have engaged with a consultant or M&A advisory firm recently.  They will most likely have talked to you about all the things that their organization can do to help you achieve a successful M&A to include a cultural assessment, a tried and true integration process,… Read more »

mergers & acquisitions are major change events

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Mergers & Acquisitions are Major Change Events 2014 has continued to be a reawakening of the global M&A market.  With this activity is also the realization that the level of change these events bring to both the acquiring and target companies is ever present and and at times all consuming.  Even in normal change initiatives… Read more »

Collective Leadership Capability

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Mergers & Acquisitions Continue to Grow in 2014 2014 continues to be a big year for mergers & acquisitions in the U.S.  Collectively in the first half of 2014, deal volume has been $908B only topped by deal volume of $961.8B in 2007 pre-financial crisis.  Companies have been very active taking advantage of large stockpiles… Read more »

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Leadership makes organizations thrive.  That statement to the casual observer makes an immense amount of sense.  Companies that are able to distinguish themselves from competition because of solutions, services or talent are typically able to do this because of superior leadership.  The most senior leadership in companies understands the importance of quality leadership within their… Read more »

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Many companies have a strategy to effect long-term growth and thereby increasing shareholder value.  A prominent component of these growth strategies are not only he organic component of what new internal products and services that a company will offer to current and potential customers, but also the inorganic growth strategies provided by M&A.  This component… Read more »