Potentious M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

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M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic Potentious believes that for you to understand and leverage the M&A leadership insights we provide, you need a means to self-assess yourself to determine where you have strengths and gaps. This is why we want to provide you this short 10 question M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic. This diagnostic will provide you… Read more »

Mergers and Acquisitions Leadership Assessment – Two Complimentary Models

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M&A leadership deal fails

The Purpose of Mergers & Acquisitions Leadership Assessment You know the numbers…70% (This number is generous in some respects) of M&As fail to meet stated objectives and of those 50% destroy shareholder value. While some people might consider these scare tactics, the reality is that M&As are very risky endeavors fraught with volatility, uncertainty, complexity… Read more »