Yahoo and Tumblr Deal: Sales Integration Epic Fail Part I

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sales integration epic fail

— Yahoo–Tumblr Deal Yahoo has been in the news lately, and about 99.9% for all the wrong reasons. Yahoo has made news for its stake in Alibaba, Marissa Mayer’s leadership (or lack thereof), activist investor Starboard Value’s proxy fight to replace the company’s board of directors, falling share price, and of course its acquisitions. Mayer came… Read more »

Busting Mergers and Acquisitions Leadership Myths to Hell

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mergers and acquisitions leadership myths exist

Myths as Facts When I was a boy, myths held a special place for me. Stories about Greek and Roman gods, like Hercules and Perseus (mye eefavorites), off on heroic quests fueled my imagination with stories of their leadership, heroism, and courage. Quite frankly,I believed these myths to be true. I wanted my heroes to be… Read more »

Application of Indications and Warning Intelligence to Mergers and Acquisitions

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indications and warning intelligence

Application of Indications and Warning Intelligence to Mergers and Acquisitions During my career in naval intelligence, I was always drawn to indications and warning intelligence (I&W) work. I&W attempts to predict threats to the U.S. Navy and/or the United States as explained in this definition: “Indications and warning intelligence (I&W) are those intelligence activities intended… Read more »

Leadership Communication – Key to Successful M&A?

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Transformational Leadership and Communications We have all known transformational leaders–either directly or indirectly. These leaders can create and execute on a vision of a possible future, and make it digestible and attractive for all concerned. These leaders have existed throughout history–from Alexander the Great to Steve Jobs. While we obviously don’t have any videos of Alexander the Great, you… Read more »

My 2016 New Year’s Resolution – Improving Process and Ignoring Leadership

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M&A leadership deal fails

Welcome to 2016 and all of the excitement it has in store for all of us! 2015 was a huge year for M&A and while time will tell what 2016’s M&A activity turns into, making a New Year’s resolution is always in order. Improving Process During my last human resources executive role, there was renewed… Read more »

Leadership Implications in Hostile Mergers and Acquisitions

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Rosy picture in 2017

Hostile takeover. Those two words send shudders through employees of companies on the end of these words. It creates an immediate level of distrust as the target management shuns the offer of the acquirer to either acquire or merge. 2015 has seen an increase in hostile takeovers. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) discussed the trend… Read more »

Achieving Mergers and Acquisitions Synergies Require Leadership

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Deal Synergies

Any M&A has a list of stated objectives that include achieving some sets of synergies.  These synergies will include things typically around operational, supply chain, and manufacturing operations.  A 2014 Bain & Company report, Why Some Merging Companies Become Synergy Overachievers, stated it pretty clearly… “The open secret about M&A is that most deals fail… Read more »

Cass Research Indicates Leadership Priority in Mergers and Acquisitons

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Right Acquisition Based on Leadership Capability

Keys to Successful Dealmaking That is what a group of senior executives indicated in research from the Cass Business School’s M&A Research Centre in 2014.  In a report titled Successful Dealmaking, MARC’s research on this topic came from two areas.  First, a review of 70 large UK and US acquisitions between 2007-2011 and second, a survey… Read more »