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Bigger Things on the Horizon

I always dreamed of seeing the world while growing up in a tiny farming community in South Carolina. This desire came from a set of World Book encyclopedias that my parents invested in for the family (Yes, this was way before the Internet.), which I devoured many times. One section always intrigued me: the section on the U.S. Navy, and its big ships and great sea battles. So, when it came time for me to make a decision as a young adult on the next step in my life path, I decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy to see the world and the places I only read about in our set of encyclopedias.

Hard Intelligence Problems, Hard People Problems

After spending time on submarines, I was selected for a commissioning program, and became a naval intelligence officer. Intelligence work is about tackling hard problems, where various sources of information are integrated and analyzed to create actionable intelligence of the highest levels of national security. This actionable intelligence is shared with mission commanders to develop courses of action to leverage their strengths.

It was during my time in the U.S. intelligence community that I had my first experience in M&As. In one of my roles, I was responsible for integrating 10 different, very large standalone learning organizations into the greater learning enterprise. During the integration process I learned that like intelligence hard problems, M&As are hard people problems. As the leader of this global exercise, I observed first hand the impact that leadership had on every aspect of this particular merger.

I focused my doctoral research on this hard problem by trying to quantify leadership’s role in M&A success. I successfully did this, and have shared results with many clients. Companies that use M&As as part of their growth strategy are working hard people problems too. This is the reason why Potentious was created: to provide corporate leaders the actionable leadership intelligence they need for successful deal making.

Pinnacle of M&A Leadership Insights

Potentious delivers actionable leadership intelligence by creating a unique, holistic picture of leadership in acquirers and targets. Our leadership picture provides the requisite level of depth and breadth of any deal’s leadership capabilities. With these specific insights, Potentious provides courses of action for an individual, business group, and/or corporate function basis that allow for precisely targeted activities to leverage leadership strengths and mitigate risks to ensure deal success.

Delivering actionable leadership intelligence.

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar is founder and chief executive officer of Potentious and recognized expert in M&A leadership

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