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J Keith Dunbar

J Keith Dunbar

Potentious understands that no M&A or major organizational change event is the same.

We carefully assemble specialized teams of renowned experts to address clients’ unique challenges and opportunities. Our clients work with professionals who are recognized as top of their game. We don’t promise working with principals, and then pass the work to junior staff. At Potentious you work with the best.

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Founder and Principal

Potentious is led by Dr. J. Keith Dunbar who established the firm to provide forward-thinking leadership consulting services to companies large and small.

Prior to founding Potentious, Dr. Dunbar led talent management innovation at two large federal government contractors—Leidos and SAIC—and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Earlier, he was a key figure in revitalizing global leadership development, onboarding and professional development within the U.S. Intelligence Community. Dr. Dunbar retired from the U.S. Navy in 2006 after a 21-year, celebrated career as a naval intelligence officer.

Dr. Dunbar is a recognized subject matter expert on leadership and other critical human capital topics. He is frequent speaker at professional conferences and workshops and contributor to a variety of business publications. In 2014, Dr. Dunbar was recognized by the Alliance of M&A Advisors as the Middle Market Thought Leader-of-the-Year for his groundbreaking research and M&A leadership consulting services.

Dr. Dunbar received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.