M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

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M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

Potentious believes that for you to understand and leverage the M&A leadership insights we provide, you need a means to self-assess yourself to determine where you have strengths and gaps. This is why we want to provide you this short 10 question M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic. This diagnostic will provide you key insights on how you stand with respect to M&A leadership information, data, and methodologies to enable successful M&As utilizing your most important capability…leadership.

What You Get

By taking this diagnostic, we will provide you a tailored email with how you scored overall and recommendations you can take to your company and use. The more people that take the diagnostic will allow us to provide M&A leadership insights by industry sectors and on specific questions, so share this with your colleagues working M&As.


M&A Leadership Strengths Diagnostic


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