Potentious delivers the actionable leadership intelligence you need.

We create the leadership intelligence you need and offer organizational development products and services you can use leverage more of your leadership strengths, mobilize your leadership capabilities more effectively and mitigate your leadership risks where they exist.


Potentious Leadership Assessment Services

Our services include individual and organizational leadership assessment services for M&As, turnarounds, and major organizational change events. This is the first step in creating your leadership intelligence picture.

M&A Leadership Strengths Indicator (LSI). Assesses the M&A leadership capability of both acquirer and target companies and compares skills against our proprietary M&A Leadership Profiles.

Deep Leadership Talent Assessment (DLTA). Identifies the leadership talent within the acquirer and target companies who possesses the requisite M&A leadership skills as strengths.

M&A Leadership Integration Plan. Leverages LRA and DLTA to support successful post-merger leadership integration activities by enabling companies to leverage M&A leadership strengths and mitigate M&A leadership risk areas.


Potentious Organizational Development Services

Potentious offers organizational development (OD) services that includes coaching, leadership engagement workshops, leadership development to help you build M&A leadership capabilities that enable M&A success.

Leadership Development. Potentious helps develop leadership capabilities that can help your company thrive and grow through executive coaching, mentoring, and experience-based development.

Organizational Change Management and Communications. Potentious gives you the tools and capabilities to lead and manage change.

Cultural Assessment. Potentious helps you understand potential cultural differences so you can leverage identified M&A leadership capabilities to integrate existing culture or create a new one.

Organizational Network Analysis. Potentious helps identify how well prior acquisitions are integrated and the key influencers needed to successfully integrate.

Business Simulations. Potentious believes that leadership better understands cultural differences in communication, decision making, and leadership style, when they experience it through business simulations.

Talent Acquisition. Potentious helps you find leadership talent at any organizational level that can enable growth.


Potentious M&A Support Services

Potentious offers M&A support services intended to help your deal succeed.

M&A Deal Thesis/Objectives Leadership Implications Analysis. Potentious helps you understand the leadership implications of your M&A deal’s thesis and objectives at the individual, business group, and corporate function levels.

M&A Leadership Indications & Warning Framework. Potentious can create a deal-specific indications & warning framework that allows proactive action.

Sell-side Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) Leadership Strengths. Potentious helps you leverage your leadership intelligence to help you enhance market valuation.

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