Maximizing Returns on Leadership…Competencies That Drive Growth

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Greetings, Many of us are looking for the magic answer to propelling our organization’s business strategy. While we all recognize the importance of leadership and talent to that endeavor, we sometimes struggle to identify what we need to do to execute business strategy. Research by the Corporate Leadership Council titled “Improving Returns on Leadership Investments”… Read more »

Global CEO Studies…A Broken Record

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Greetings, At the Davos World Economic Forum, PricewaterhouseCoopers unveiled the findings from their 2012 Global CEO Study. I really like to look through these kinds of studies to get a sense of what CEOs and other C-Suite leaders are thinking. I am always particularly interested in what they see as talent and leadership challenges or… Read more »

Creating Talent Champions…

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Greetings, I had a very interesting conversation this past week with a Senior Vice President of Talent at a Fortune 500 company. The intent of the conversation was to get a good understanding of how their organization developed talent and integrated it into the overall strategy of the organization. We focused on leadership development specifically… Read more »

Core, Common, Critical – Understanding Where to Invest Human Capital Development Resources

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Whether you are human capital development resource heavy or light…knowing where to apply resources to have the biggest impact on organizational performance is a critical business skill for Human Capital Management (HCM) leaders. One approach to take is the defining of Core, Common, and Critical skills… Whether your HCM governance structure for your organization is… Read more »